Training Options

072_EHF_45 minute Group Training Sessions
Affordable and specific instruction for up to 8 clients. Each client receives personalized programming in a challenging and focused group setting. Come in or call (360) 789-5928 for a free consultation.

Choose from 2x / week and 3x / week training programs. One month, 3-, 6-, and 12- month options available.

DSC01785One-on-One Training
50-minute sessions scheduled in-studio, in-home, or at work. Come in or call (360) 789-5928 for a free consultation.

Choose from one, two, or three sessions per week. One month, 3-, 6-, and 12- month options available. One-on-One Training is best for any of the following:

  • Private Health & Weight Loss Goals
  • Athletic Performance and Post-Rehabilitation (12- and 16 weeks programs for
    high school athletes are available) 
  • Pre-natal and Post-partum Conditioning (must be accompanied by physician’s release) 
  • Running and Triathlon Programs (16 week programs)

anytime mealESSENTIAL Nutrition Solutions (ENS) – A sound approach to a habit-based eating. After an initial assessment based on current habits, body composition, knowledge, and specific goals, you’ll be recommended for one of three Coaching Levels:

ENS Level 1 (12 weeks): For clients new to eating well or have been out of practice or has adopted a yo-yo dieting lifestyle for an extended period of time. Schedule weekly appointments to target specific behavior change, kitchen set up, and knowledge of correct food timing, types, and amounts. You’ll receive education on time planning and meal prep, tracking and measuring, and supplement recommendations for wellness, fat loss, gaining muscle, better digestion.

ENS Level 2 (12 weeks): Appropriate for clients who have graduated Level 1 or demonstrate an average score on the Kitchen Readiness Questionnaire, Grocery Habits, and knowledge of correct food types but not for timing or amounts. Focus on education on overall calorie intake, portion size for body type, and meal timing. More specific strategies may be introduced.

ENS Level 3 (12 weeks): Outcome-based coaching for clients who have Graduated Level 2 or have already mastered excellent kitchen setup and grocery habits. Client body fat measurements will reflect established and understood objectives from Level 1 & 2 and need mostly detailed calorie and macronutrient instruction.