Client Success Stories

Steve L. took to running as a “fun retirement project”. An experienced weight lifter, he recalls how his first 2 mile jaunt “took everything I had to run it”. But by the Fall of 2012, he was running 15-20 miles per week and had gone on to lose 20 lbs.

With a half-marathon in his sights, he knew such a challenge would take some coaching and commitment to training. But Steve also knew that his personal goals of a sub 2-hour half-marathon deserved some focus. Five months before his “A” race, he began training with ESSENTIAL Health & Fitness. With 2x weekly sessions, we focused on bilateral stability, hip mobility, and hip and core strength, which translated into greater leg turnover efficiency.

Rather than trying to just keep up with faster runners, Steve also learned that he would reap the greatest benefit from training using designed paces designed just for him. Carlye reviewed his weekly training runs for distance, heart rate response, rate of perceived exertion, nutritional support, and recovery.

Steve captured his goal time at the Eugene half-marathon of under 2 hours, at an 8:53 min/mi pace. His next project? A full marathon in October 2013. “If you told me a year ago that I would be seriously training for a marathon today I would not have believed it.” At age 61, with over 800 miles logged and a healthy mix of challenge and drive, Steve is truly a model student-athlete.

Alisa W. met Carlye in 2011 when she committed to changing her lifestyle, as her youngest daughter would be graduating high school the following spring.

From May to November 2011, Alisa trained 2-3 times per week one-on-one with Carlye, focusing on a consistent and effective program. During that time Alisa lost 20 lbs, and was stronger and more confident in her body. Alisa and Carlye parted ways temporarily while Carlye took some time off to care for her newborn son, but Carlye knew Alisa’s goal was not complete.

Carlye reached out to Alisa in December 2012 and found that Group Training and nutritional support were now the fit Alisa was looking for. After completing a nutritional challenge with Carlye’s coaching, Alisa began to see her transformation unfold.

As of 2015, Alisa has lost a total of 40 lbs. and 5 dress sizes, including a gain of 20 lbs. of lean muscle, and is completely confident with her “new normal”.

DSC01785When Lisa met Carlye in 2011, she had been on an eight-year journey that culminated with 100 lbs. lost. But at age 30, she was beginning to gain the weight back. Lisa had her sights set on an Olympic-distance triathlon. “As fate would have it,” Lisa recalls “I met my fitness angel Carlye.  She is a true miracle worker.”

Carlye helped Lisa develop a solid nutrition plan, both during and after her sometimes 2+ hour-long training sessions in order to sustain her energy day in and day out.

Lisa finished her Olympic Triathlon, but her weight loss goal still loomed overhead. “Carlye knew there was more that could be done, so she suggested I back off the 2 hour work-outs and focus on shorter Group strength training sessions. At first I did not think that was going to be enough for me to see any changes, but I was wrong! My metabolism has really increased since I began the high intensity interval training. Carlye is a master when it comes to working out smarter rather than longer.”

Carlye continued to work with Lisa on how to eat to meet her goals. “Before, when I got home from work and started cooking dinner I would easily fill up on empty calories. Now, I’ve learned how to eat to feel satiated between the end of my work day and dinner.” Changing food timing and choices has drastically improved Lisa’s energy and cravings. “When I go to staff meetings I’m energized instead of reaching for the candy jar.”

Lisa has gone on to lose another 15lbs as well as many inches, and has more energy and focus. “Training with Carlye is the only regimen for a healthier me.”