The ESSENTIAL philosophy: 

Our bodies are designed for a wide range of movement and are highly adaptable, yet because of modern conveniences and sedentary leisure-time activities, we adapt to a restricted way of moving and never reach our actual potential. Some injuries can be avoided and even prevented when your training plan is specific to both what you want to achieve and what your life demands. Many times, we have the best intentions, but time, energy, money, family, and social obligations force us to makes sacrifices and shortcuts. The fact is, how much value do these things hold if we are not healthy enough to enjoy them?

I began my fitness career with a passion for teaching people how to eat and train to prevent injury and disease. Not only is client education one of my core values, I also teach Sports Medicine at Timberline High School.  Working with a variety fitness needs, ranging from post-rehabilitative return-to-sport football players to high-risk pre-natal pregnancies, I have shaped my practice toward coaching people to maintain focus on their goals, seek personal improvement in all aspects of health and fitness, and find a balance between what they truly want and what they need.

There is plenty of information out there to help you achieve your goals; the difference is whether or not you’ll take the next step. Finding the right personal trainer bridges the gap between setting goals and achieving them.

Want to explore personal training with a qualified fitness professional?

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